We are the Marching Chips All the Damn Time!!

Alma Mater
Alma Mater, hear us now; Ever more we praise thee.
Hear us pledge our sacred vow ever to defend thee.
Mighty Mother, Queen of Earth eternal, precious emblem of our lives Supreme; Ever symbolizing truth and knowledge in glorified esteem.
Alma Mater, hear us now; Ever more we praise thee.
Hear us pledge our sacred vow ever to defend thee.

Being in Marching band is like no other! There really isn’t any other group out there like the Marching Chip with such dedicated, passionate and driven people. Coming in, the marching band was my first real experience in college. Being able to enter in to what I didn’t know was going to be a whirlwind of 4/5 years, the people in it honestly made me forget all about that. Since I was a drum major back in high school, like many others in the band, our passion for being a cohesive team was evidently seen on the field. Having that background in leadership allowed all of us to see where we needed to improve as a group and individually.

Since I’ve been in the band for 2 seasons now, my freshman year was tremendously different than my sophomore year. As a new member in the band you get a vet, which is someone in their second year of band. They’re basically your go to person if you need any help or have questions. Yes it is like a mentor system with the added band stress and such. With the help of my Vet, Naomi, she showed me how to be a great vet for my rookies the next year by checking in with my marching skills and how learning drill was and calling for the extensive 4am call times. With all this knowledge, sophomore year came, and I wasn’t only going to be a vet but also a mentor to my wonderful Mentee Madeline Petterson. (And yes she was in the clarinet section too.) With that added element of having my mentee and my rookies in band allowed me to apply my leadership in and outside marching band as well.

With in this new year, there was a plethora of freshman that came in to the clarinet section. That meaning there was more freshman than any other class combined. Due to this crazy predicament, I was blessed with not only one but TWO yes TWO rookies, Madeline Tunison and Angelique Wattelle. They have allowed not only themselves, but me as well, to come out of our shells and experience true authentic friendship and relationships with people. Not only did we connect humor wise, we formed a semi decent not so real rock band at all the footballs games in the stands. Irrelevant yes but very riveting and a thrill.

On another note, with having so many amazing people on leadership through these two years it got me thinking “Why haven’t I applied for leadership?” and then I remembered that I didn’t sophomore year because procrastination is awful and I missed the deadline, but I held my self accountable and went for it the next year. Well I stuck to that plan and now you’re looking at the 2017 season squad leader for F rank (FRANK) and I can’t wait to display my passion for this section. With my leadership style, being able to display structure with a little humor at times, will allow for the authentic bonds to form that I strive for with any human I come in contact to this day. It’s honestly an honor to be on leadership because we are now the model that allows for the craft of marching band to form. The best band in the land is now under our belts and we have the potential to live up to that saying.

Before every game we shout this saying, which continues to be a mantra for game day nerves

Hearts on FIRE, Minds on ICE


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