Medical Super Heros (aka PA Club)

Being in an RSO that goes along with your major and passion in life is the most uplifting thing. Physician Assistant club has given me many opportunities and knowledge about the field that I wouldn’t have found out about if I wasn’t in it. There has been many helpful tips and passionate people that make wanting to go into this field not just a priority, but also a privilege. Entering into my sophomore year, I was the youngest one on e-board as Event Coordinator. With this position I was responsible for planning social events and a college visit to a P.A. school in or out of state. All though I may not have been 100% super great at this position, I learned a lot about myself in doing so.

For our trip we decided to go to a PA school in Chicago named Rosalind Franklin. In planning for this, we didn’t know where we wanted to go. In preparation I emailed 5 different PA school one being of great interest, Rosalind Franklin. The world must have pointed us there way because after sending out emails only two school got back to us one being Rosalind. Once planning days we could meet, I had to consider living and transportation situations. All this came difficult when certain circumstances came up. Within big groups, accountability and commitment are huge when planning such things. After working out kinks though, everything turned out dandy and the trip was a blast and went fantastic. Leading this was difficult, but standing fast and holding others accountable was an effective strategy for me at this time. But where I shined, I also failed, and that being in planning social events. Although my intention was to do multiple outings with the group, life got the best of me and I didn’t fully commit. I planned a volleyball outing towards the end of the semester and that was it. Even though this got the best of me, speakers and educational opportunities in this club were suffice where everyone could get to know each other.

As I look at my leadership within this club, I take accountability for my mistakes, but with failure came success and I couldn’t be any happier about that. As I continue on in the social media director role I have learned that committing to your position is something needed in order to set a good example and I plan to do just that this next upcoming year.


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