What Team? D.I.S. Team!

Coming in this year, I was ready to make an impact not only on campus, but also within myself as a human. One way I didn’t think I would was through D.I.S. team. D.I.S. stands for Diversity, Inclusion and Service and that is what we accomplished. Of course there were quirks and kinks along the way, but the end goal of a fully revamped team was accomplished. With inclusion being one of my core values in life, I was ready to get started. As a group we thought “How can we make this a thing on campus?” and along the way of thinking, a plan was formed. One way in which we could accomplish our diversity and inclusion aspect of this lead team was to throw a tailgate, but not any ordinary tailgate. We decided to do an Leader Advancement Scholar and Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd M. Cofer Scholars. This event not only promoted unity between two scholarship groups, it showed that we are all inclusive of one another and accepting of our difference. At the event we had corn hole tournaments and prizes to be one at the event as well. Not many participated but it was a great effort to get to meet others on campus.

Along with the last aspect of our team, service was another thing that we did within our community. The rotating homeless shelter was one way in which we reached out to the community of Mount Pleasant. Although I was unable to do this, hearing about others experiences and how those within the shelter touched their lives was remarkable. Within the city of Mount Pleasant there are a lot of people who are homeless and with this opportunity during the winter months they are offered a place to stay. I will definitely be volunteering next year for this because everyone is human and deserves respect regardless of they’re circumstance.

The last way I did service was though Dressember! This organization is empowering the dignity of all people and opposing the exploitation and trafficking of women and men! It is a way in which those who are participating are bringing awareness to modern day slavery worldwide. Slavery is at its peak in all of history and if you at this moment feel appalled don’t worry you’re not alone! The goal of this is to wear a dress every day of December to utilize fashion as a means to advocate this issue. Ending/starting the year by bringing awareness to a worldwide issue is something so surreal! Participating in this was a challenge being in Michigan in the frigid months but so rewarding to think of the impact and education I brought to many people. I even had the opportunity to raise money for this as well, which went towards two human rights organizations that work to rescue and restore victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and violent oppression.

In the end, DIS has allowed me to accomplish my goal by not only impacting the CMU and Mount Pleasant community, but also to grow in my knowledge of real world issues happening around the world and in the local community. The importance of diversity, inclusion and service are valid in leadership and being able to share this experience with other leaders and pass it on to others is an opportunity likely never to be forgotten.


The lovely women who participated in Dressember


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