History 110L

As I came in this semester, I originally thought that this class was going to be a look at all the leaders in America and looking at the contributions they made on the country so far and so forth. Well the leadership aspect was right of course, but the main topic of the course was actually over immigrants, which was fascinating and empowering to learn about. I’ve learned so much information about immigration and things that I might not have wanted to know that will anger me to this day, but discovering this information was impacting and has allowed me to understand a little more about the lives of immigrants here in America.

Being knowledgable on the struggles they faced and the history of coming over to America for the first time is a crazy to even imagine. Ellis Island is still prominent today and is located just off the coast in New York. This is the site where the first group of immigrants came over to America. This was the place where the American dream was made magical or a worst nightmare.

A way in which we got to use leadership was finding an immigrant that came to America who made a significant impact on the way the nation is now. My group decided to do ours on Arnold Schwarzenegger. Learning about all that he did within politics, film and body building was significant and an inspiration to many Americans. Some figures that other groups chose I didn’t even know were immigrants. With learning this information, it shows how anyone can make a difference in the world regardless of where they came from. If one truly has the passion to lead and create a difference, that is all you need.

Here is a link to an Arnold Schwarzenegger video





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