Communication is Key

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” ~James Humes

As we all know communication is important in every aspect of our lives, whether it be relationship, dancing, planning a trip or creating a group project. It is virtually everywhere. Without communication there wouldn’t be leadership because they coincide so much where leadership is a different form of communication. In our COM 461 class we’ve talked about the many different ways in which there can be effective communication and noneffective communication and that can depend on the type of leader you are.

I have learned that I am a Democratic leader and I like to hear everyones opinions, questions and remarks when it comes down to being in a group. Some downfalls that could come about is having so much input that the job doesn’t get done. This is where I would have to communicate a method to getting things done efficiently while having everyones ideas heard. The effective aspect is that there is more group cohesiveness when everyone is heard and their input is valued. When looking at this, with communication there are so many ways in which things can be effected positively or negatively and this is only one scenario.

I plan to take this knowledge and apply it in the future when working with coworkers either within the medical field or speech language path. field. With out proper communication between colleagues, proper diagnoses and care for patients would go down the drain. We are all on the same playing field and have the same knowledge so being able to take this skill in knowing how to carry on effective conversation in the group will allow for more group success and cohesive bonds. With this skill, communication makes for an effective leader and thats what I strive to be in the future.


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