LAS in the D

The trip of all trips for the LAS cohorts. It is longly awaited from the beginning of the year and stories are passed down from cohort to cohort creating even more hype for the mentee’s. It is the biggest bonding experience for the cohort and allows everyone to get closer.

Well that unfortunately wasn’t the case for the freshman cohort this year compared to other years. Michigan is an unpredictable state when it comes to weather and caused hazardous road conditions that caused the busses to not be able to come. This was a sad moment in a Junior LASer’s eyes because this trip was definitely a highlight of my freshman year and allowed me to connect with my cohort. I learned a lot about Detroit as well since I had never been there before compared to others in my cohort. I was unfortunate for them but life gives you moments and you have to willow with them.

Being on this lead team wasn’t like how I imagined it to be. In all honesty I thought that the members of the lead team would help in planning the event and finding connections and places as well. Although we are able to go on the trip and help facilitate discussion with the mentees after volunteer service and such, I still believe that the group should have input in what we do for the trip. I love building community and implementing different thought for people, but I feel as if we were to meet as a group to get to know one another more and form connections to build our own community more within our facilitator group that would be a great start. All in all this would have had the potential to be a great trip for the freshman, but when life gives you lemons…


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