Citizens of Change

There are simply no words to put together this volunteer experience and the life long friendships I have built because of Leadership Camp. This by far is the most connected I have felt to leadership and campers and I think that has to do with the people in this program as well as the model that we are practicing day by day and eventually in life as well.

Throughout the 100 hours of service we did, we practiced the Social Change Model of Leadership (visit this site for more information about the model). This type of service is completely selfless. Providing leadership education to high schoolers who are going to be the worlds leaders later on in life, is totally worth the hours of training we put in with no pay. These people are such inspiring people who are willing to have those hard conversations about life, society, diversity and injustices in this world. And when you put those conversations together with leadership and service you get Social Change. In regards to creating change the best part of this camp was on the last day when we utilized all the skills from the other hubs of the model, the individual and group, to act on the societal hub and do service. Seeing the light bulbs go off of the impact they can make when understanding where there passions lie and how they can bring together a group makes all of us see what this camp and our service is providing to our participants.

In the end, this experience has probably been the greatest leadership experience I have had to date due to the different mind sets, opinions and conversations that allow us to broaden our knowledge to go out and create the social change we want to see.

Now I’d like to challenge you to think of your values, how you act upon them in consideration of others? How do you bring those values and allow yourself and others to utilize them? How will you inspire your group to share a vision? How are you going to implement it.?Why are you sharing this vision? What change do you wish to see in the world? What’s stopping you from doing it? The world is your oyster so go on out and do it!

We should be the change that we want to see



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