About Me

Who imageis this girl Kerisa? Well I’ll tell you a little bit about me.

Hello there! My name is Kerisa Rascoe. I am from a small town called Essexville (primarily known as The Ville to townies). Just incase you haven’t heard of it, like most people, it’s a small town located right next to Bay City. I graduated from the wonderful Garber High School in May of 2015. I have one younger sister, who’s 17, named Brianna. One interesting fact is that I was actually born in Rhode Island as well as my sister too. This was due to both of my parents being in the military. My mom was in the Army and my dad was in the Navy.


The Garber Dukes symbol


I am an LAS (leader advancement scholar- or what we like to refer to as LASers), attending Central Michigan University as a freshman, class of 2019. My major is Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Leadership. I aspire to became a physician or physicians assistant either in pediatrics or general medicine.

If you know me pretty well you know that I am a cheerful, smiley and funny person, or at least try to crack jokes and don’t succeed. I am a strong advocate for leadership, inclusion, and all around putting a smile on everyones face (generally anywhere and anytime). On the more goofy side, I am a supporter of Fruit snacks, Mott’s Cinnamon applesauce, and making goofy faces. In my spare time I love to make bracelets and knit scarves (as well as add to my scarf collection of over 20).


My fellow Clarinet section member, Krysta and I, at our band banquet. Since I love music, I decided to continue this passion at the collegiate level.

I’m also passionate on promoting music/band to youth and anybody in general. Growing up around music and playing the clarinet myself, it has become a different way to express what you feel and has become an outlet in times of stress.

I hope you enjoy seeing my transformation through college as I take this next step and fun journey of discovering myself!



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