Citizens of Change

There are simply no words to put together this volunteer experience and the life long friendships I have built because of Leadership Camp. This by far is the most connected I have felt to leadership and campers and I think that has to do with the people in this program as well as the model that we are practicing day by day and eventually in life as well.

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David Garcia Project

“A disability doesn’t have to be a social barrier. Good etiquette begins with inclusion not exclusion.” -Robert N. Hensel

Y’all let me tell you about this awesome group that I am apart of. If you haven’t heard of the David Garcia Project yet then here we are. Named after the late David Garcia, a worker in the World Trade Center in New York City who had an incurable eye disease and was killed during 9-11, DGP is a group of people who promote the work of empathy rather than sympathy for people with disabilities. We focus on many different types of disabilities such as visual, auditory, intellectual, developmental and many more. With these, we facilitate simulations for any one to experience the every day happenings of some one with a disability.Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 2.29.22 PM

This group has given so many people the opportunity to open their minds a little more and learn about a part of diversity that not many people are exposed to.

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Its all about the C-H-I-P-P

Marching band

A love of mine that has shaped my life in many ways. It has given me connections leadership, friendships and great calves. What all do I have to say about the Chippewas Marching Band besides thank you for giving me constant game day plans and building my CMU spirit and pride for this wonderful campus I call home. With this being my 11th year in band all together, 8th in marching band and rounding out my last year of music to become an alum, I decided to apply for a leadership position with in this group. I was appointed the squad leader position, which is a person who helps keep the members we are assigned up to date on things happening within the section and the whole band and to crate a positive atmosphere to thrive in. I was also responsible for game day wake up calls as well, with the usual over zealous attitude saying “Wakey wakey eggs and bacey” to all those in my section. Keep in mind those wake up calls were at 5:30am most game days as well.


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M is for M(entee)adeline

Woowzah! That is one in a million things I can say about this amazing individual! Sometimes you will meet people who you know will make such a significant impact in so many lives that you are just honored to have them in your life. Madeline is that person! Being a mentor was something I didn’t think I would be great at but it ended up being such an honoring experience. You go into this relationship wanting the best and hoping to teach your mentee something, and hoping you did just that. Somewhere along the way, I feel as if I’ve learned more from Madeline than she has learned from me! Here are some things I’ve learned:

  1. Find what makes your heart burn with passion and stick to it
  2. Love endlessly
  3. Christmas is THE best season
  4. Puns are great
  5. To serve God in life
  6. Music speaks to the soul
  7. Family is forever
  9. To embrace the weird
  10. SO MUCH MORE….

BEing a mentor has continually made me a better person everyday. I strive to be that person others can look up to and that will always be there for them in the end. Being a mentor is a blessing and Madeline is truly one to get to know! Thank you for not only being the beautiful person you are but for impacting my life and many others! You will for sure make a bomb mentor and gma is here to spoil her gbaby rotten.

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Discovering Detroit

As we carry on in our lives we forget to look at the under represented parts of the world, one place being Detroit. We look at Detroit as being this big city with cool malls, and an up and coming economy, but that over shadows the parts that are going down and falling apart right under our noses. The social issues that are prominent there happen to be the line of poverty in many areas and the segregation between communities in the city. I learned about these issues from word or mouth, first hand experience and social media.

detroit-bankruptcyAnd what are we doing to better aid these areas? The Leadership Institute is one group that is trying to make a difference. Instead of preaching the vision and purpose of the LI, we put our words to action and go out into society and experience it first hand. Taking this trip abides to the purpose and visions of the LI because its allows us to open our selves to other aspects of society in which we may not ever experience in our lives. It teaches us to implement diverse communications and to understand and respect someones background and where they came from. This educates us on how to better other communities and to build relations amongst those in the communities as well.

This trip will help me personally grow as an individual because it will open my eyes as to what these areas are really like. I will be shown opportunity to allow others to grow and for me to not only understand their area but to educate others on where I am from. I will break boundaries between stereotypes and influence others to disregard the first impression thoughts that come to mind. I want to engage in one another and get to know each other so we can grow as one. With this trip I feel I will come out a better person, not because I want a label of helping others, but because I truly want to invest myself in understanding where others come from and building relations with others I may never meet in life.

I got A Spark in my Leadership

“Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less.”                                                                                                     ~John C. Maxwell

Spark leadership is exactly what the words say. You’re sparking and starting a fire in your leadership. Although some people may say this series was a lot like other leadership camps we’ve been to, I would say that they were right but it was different in a  way as well. imageSpark not only introduced me to different people here on campus, it introduced me to the many things I can portray my leadership into such as clubs, organizations, and volunteering. For me, Spark was an enriching experience.

Session 1: Apple Pie!

As we all came in,everyone was split into different group. My groups name was Team Motivation. We all were there for a common reason that we all shared. That was leadership. As the day went on we created our goals and other guidelines that we wanted to complete as we went through this series. My goal was to get more involved, develop more leadership skills, and to get out of my comfort zone. Our group goal was to build each other up, motivate one another, smile, and to keep our goals in the long run. Also, apple pie was implemented in that as well (group inside joke).

Session 2 & 3: Leadership Style/Development

I came is with the previous knowledge that my leadership style was spirited. To take the test again and get the same thing was no surprise to me. I like to get a group pumped up and have enthusiasm for what we are doing.

I am also on the considerate side as well so while I get people hype I like to make sure everyone feels included and has put in their two cents. While I know that being too spirited can get in the way of the goal, I know how to control the situation when its at hand and I’m able to work with other leadership styles to enhance mine. Some things I said I needed to work on was to think more thoroughly instead of just encouraging people and to speak up. I can begin to practice the act of time meaning using time to think through a situation rather than rationally acting on it. Develop a plan before jumping in is how I will continually try to reinvent my leadership skills.

“A good leader inspires others with confidence in her; a great leader inspires them with confidence in themselves.”     ~Raymond Dreyfack

Session 4: Culture

As we were put through a so called game we had to abide by our cites rules and not step out of the boundaries or you’ll be frowned upon. Several of us probably thought that this game was silly and all the things we were doing. Ever so often they would send a group of our people in exchange for another group of people from the other territory. laI happened to be one who went over to the other side and boy was it confusing. Everyone was speaking a different language and were treating you differently and walking away. As we reflected back on this game, it came into realization that it was supposed to resemble cultural diversity today and how people aren’t accepted for who or what they are just based on the way they do things. This brought aspect into my eyes in showing that its important to communicate and be able to learn world views so you can become widely diverse.