I attended Essexville-Hampton Public School district ever since 4th grade and worked my way up to Garber High school. I graduated from there in May of 2015 with Magna Cum Laude and the best classmates anyone could ask for.


Graduation day


Throughout high school, the many things that shaped me into the person I am today were the extra curricular activities I was involved in. I was Drum Major of the Marching Dukes, NHS President, Students Leading Students treasurer, member of the track, cross country and soccer teams and many more. These were the key builders of my leadership skills and development as time went on. These involvements educated me on responding to problems with a rational mind and a driven heart to accomplish the tasks at hand. They taught me to think logically and be able to work in a group setting with various ideas from members of my team to create a common goal.

After high schoCMU-wordmark-maroon-on-goldol, my goal was coming into sight. When I was thinking about college, the first school that popped into my head was Central Michigan University. The campus has such a great feel and suites my life style. Also Central has so many things to offer and programs I am able to get involved in, which is what I was looking for in colleges. Central seemed to fit all of my criteria so when I applied it was the only school I applied for.

As I attend CMU now, I am majoring in Biomedical Sciences, which is part of the College of Science and Technology with a minor in Leadership. Choosing leadership as my minor was a pretty easy decision because its one of the unique things that central offers compared to other universities. It’s also a passion of mine so why not pursue it. I chose my major, being  biomedical sciences, not easily. For a long time I’ve wanted to do Kinesiology and I am still not completely sure if I still want to keep it that way, but either way I would be choosing them for the same reasons. That reason is because they both involve learning about the human body in some form. Have you ever stopped and thought about the complexity of the body and how it operates on a daily basis? This fascination lead to my choosing, although there is an ultimate reason behind choosing this major, which is becoming either a physician or physicians assistant. These majors pick up the course work and high level classes that will prepare me for this next step in my life. My dream is to be around children hopefully to educate them on how to keep themselves healthy and live a happy long life.


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