Everyone basically creates goals through their everyday life without knowing it. Whether it’s saying you’re going to a class or your going to eat, you make these little tasks things that you want to complete. When it comes to my goals, long term or short, they’re about bettering myself everyday and making sure I create a positive environment for myself and others.

SMILE Even When I Am Down

This has been a goal of mine for a while now. It’s a goal that doesn’t only mean a lot to me but to smileothers, whether they know it or not. Seeing someone smile is this big cycle of happiness because once you see someone smile you want to smile. The great thing about this is it keeps spreading! If I can make someones day by being noticed with a smile, that may want that person to spread that joy they got as well. Being human does allow you to have bad days, but have you ever tried to smile at other people while you were in the dumps? It truly is the best medicine to cure your mood! “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been!”- Mark Twain If you are curious,here are some great *facts* on smiling 🙂

Mind and Body Reconnect

As this new year started, I realized that I had forgotten what it was like to care for myself. I wasn’t working out, I wasn’t eating right and I most importantly wasn’t being a motivator in my own life. My mentor and I created mantras to sticmind and bodyk to our goals for this semester and mine is “Destiny will favor me if I am prepared in mind and body”. With that being said, I have strived to make my self a healthier person inside and out. I will work out more often allowing me to stay in shape and toned. With that I will eat healthier along the lines of eating every food group throughout the day and a salad every dinner. While doing this I WILL tell myself I CAN complete this and I will stick to it in my mind. Becoming strong in the mind and presenting will power will help me through this goal. With these goals it will allow me to push my self and stay focused on the goal ahead: To connect my determination and positivity (mind) to allow myself to get back in shape (body).*click on the links to view my Pinterest boards* Getting in Shape Eating Healthy

I start out small and concentrate on one goal at a time so more goals to come…