Pre-PA Club

For those of you who don’t know what PA stands for it is physiciapa-pinn assistant. Being in this club has allowed me to explore my dream job and goal for later on in life. Not only do we find out about PA schools all around the nation, but we volunteer, fundraise and learn about training opportunities to lead up to becoming a PA. There are so many great guest speakers who come in and tell us their take on PA and to help us through this tasking time to get to the level of applying for graduate schools. This club has given me so many opportunities to grow into the physician assistant (or possibly physician) that I hope to be. Applying to be on the PA board will definitely be in the near future. For more details and to see what were up to, visit the Pre-PA Club Facebook page. Also here are some interesting facts on being a physician assistant.

Sibs Weekend

Do you have a sibling, a cousin, niece or nephew and attend CMU? Then that makes you the prefect candidate to join the fun in a weekend made for you and your sibling to rekindle your relationship. This was by far one of my favorite events I was involved in this year. I was on two committees, carnival and volunteers, that helped plan out the event from the beginning. Creating the theme of the carnival events and and decorating the

gyms for our spy theme this year was a blast, especially coming up with a super secret spy mission for kids to participate in. By far the best thing was being able to see the smiles on everyones faces when they were with their sibling enjoying their time together. Definitly applying to be a committee chair in the future. This event had over 2000 people show up to spend bonding time with their sibling(s) and I couldn’t be happier to have allowed for those random funny memories to stick with them forever. Check out this article on some triplets who visited for the weekend!

Marching Band/University Band

Relay for Life LEAD Team

Special Olympics Polar Plunge

Several volunteer opportunities…