Leader Advancement Scholarship

As I approached competition day, I was fearful, excited and ready to meet the many people who shared a common passion. That passion was leadership. Out of all the 2,300 people who had applied for the scholarship, competition day was compiled with 80 of those phenomenal leaders. As the day went on, we participated in challenges that allowed us to show our leadership potential, express our values and step outside of our comfort zone. After challenges, to interviews, to mingling, the day had come to an end and we all went on our separate ways home. A week later I got a call that made my day shine brighter than the stars. It was a 774 number which could only mean one thing, CMU!! I was in the middle of a hair appointment and answered the phone and sure enough it was Dan Gaken calling to let me know that I was officially a Leader Advancement Scholar. The whole salon knew and congratulated me on my accomplishment.image
Now that I was an LAS scholar, I always got the question, “What is LAS?”. At the beginning I didn’t really know how to put a stamp on it except for the fact that it was a $2,000 scholarship each year. But it’s more than that! Leader Advancement Scholarship has put me in a cohort with 40 amazing people who are unique, loving and passionate about everything they do. It has given me a caring mentor who is there by my side to help me grow and transition into college life. Not only does our cohort get to live together in Barnes hall, we follow a protocol that can strengthen our leadership qualities and grow not only with each other, but within ourself. It is a path of discovery to find our take on leadership and to enhance the skills in our self and others to become inspiring people. LAS has given me a family, and a home.


LAS Class of 2019!


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