As an evolving leader, I would say that I have picked up a couple tricks/skills along the years, that makes me into the helpful, genuine, inclusive leader I am today. Here is a list of  some skills that I have been able to pick up and some that I am still working on.

  1. Inclusion
    • Over the years I have found it beneficial to make sure everyone is included in  conversation and has their voice heard when coming up with ideas. It creates a better work ethic and a greater bond between the team.
  2. Teamwork
    • I am always involved with organizations and activities where there are multiple people working together. Being able to cooperate and work with one another, disregarding our differences and collaborating on a common goal is something I strive to do everyday.
  3. Hard Work Ethic
    • I put in 110% into everything I do. I try to get the best out of what is offered to me by striving to accomplish the task at hand.
  4. Implementing Diversity
    • I strive to create an environment where others are aware of one another’s values and essentially, their backgrounds. Being able to understand where everyone comes from helps the group dynamic by better educating  one another and connecting through commonalities and differences.
  5. Open Minded
    • I like to have an open mind and have other ideas tossed around so I can evolve as a leader and experience new things.
  6. Facilitation
    • Being able to lead an activity is something that I can put on well. Being able to explain and lay out the rules and be there for interpretation of the activity is something I strive at.
  7. Scheduling
    • I go through everyday thinking two steps ahead. I usually plan out my week and all my events that are happening in an orderly fashion.
    • Creating a happy environment where others will have a positive atmosphere to grow and evolve is something I love. Having a smile on my face makes others want to smile as well.

Skills that I’m currently working on….

  1. Public Speaking
    • Being more vocal when voicing my opinion to groups of people.
  2. Organization
    • I am an organized messy person. That means it may not look in order, but I still know where everything is. I am working on making sure everything gets put back in its place after I use it so everything is tidy.
  3. Debrief
    • Being able to interpret real world situations into an activity I’m facilitating and answering general questions at the end is something I struggle with. Becoming more aware of what is happening in the world, opening my mind up to more interpretation and not being scared to speak my mind is how I’m fixing this.