Making the Tough Calls!

Throughout my senior year I served on the Board of Appeals committee with other CMU faculty and staff. Coming in I did not expect it to be what it ended up being! This committee makes some tough calls in regards to students and their academics and if they might be staying here longer than expected. Being the only student on the board was a very interesting take because I felt I was speaking on behalf of all students and being an advocate in that way. The others on the committee ranged from employees of the university whether they worked in the Appeals office or they were professors in different departments ranging around different areas of campus.

This committee was a really collected and structured one to be a part of. We would either meet up in person if there were a lot of appeals to go over or if they were a heavier topic to talk about, or we would simply to an email and reply chain with your opinions. It was pretty dynamic to see how all of us could come together with our separate knowledge from around campus in our departments and ethically and realistically go through the appeals that were set forth.

In the end I learned a lot in regards to even how I could appeal in the future if it came down to it and even giving advice to others about what to appeal, what is realistic to change and how to do it in the best way.


Citizens of Change

There are simply no words to put together this volunteer experience and the life long friendships I have built because of Leadership Camp. This by far is the most connected I have felt to leadership and campers and I think that has to do with the people in this program as well as the model that we are practicing day by day and eventually in life as well.

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M is for M(entee)adeline

Woowzah! That is one in a million things I can say about this amazing individual! Sometimes you will meet people who you know will make such a significant impact in so many lives that you are just honored to have them in your life. Madeline is that person! Being a mentor was something I didn’t think I would be great at but it ended up being such an honoring experience. You go into this relationship wanting the best and hoping to teach your mentee something, and hoping you did just that. Somewhere along the way, I feel as if I’ve learned more from Madeline than she has learned from me! Here are some things I’ve learned:

  1. Find what makes your heart burn with passion and stick to it
  2. Love endlessly
  3. Christmas is THE best season
  4. Puns are great
  5. To serve God in life
  6. Music speaks to the soul
  7. Family is forever
  9. To embrace the weird
  10. SO MUCH MORE….

BEing a mentor has continually made me a better person everyday. I strive to be that person others can look up to and that will always be there for them in the end. Being a mentor is a blessing and Madeline is truly one to get to know! Thank you for not only being the beautiful person you are but for impacting my life and many others! You will for sure make a bomb mentor and gma is here to spoil her gbaby rotten.

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Communication is Key

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” ~James Humes

As we all know communication is important in every aspect of our lives, whether it be relationship, dancing, planning a trip or creating a group project. It is virtually everywhere. Without communication there wouldn’t be leadership because they coincide so much where leadership is a different form of communication. In our COM 461 class we’ve talked about the many different ways in which there can be effective communication and noneffective communication and that can depend on the type of leader you are.

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