Discovering Detroit

As we carry on in our lives we forget to look at the under represented parts of the world, one place being Detroit. We look at Detroit as being this big city with cool malls, and an up and coming economy, but that over shadows the parts that are going down and falling apart right under our noses. The social issues that are prominent there happen to be the line of poverty in many areas and the segregation between communities in the city. I learned about these issues from word or mouth, first hand experience and social media.

detroit-bankruptcyAnd what are we doing to better aid these areas? The Leadership Institute is one group that is trying to make a difference. Instead of preaching the vision and purpose of the LI, we put our words to action and go out into society and experience it first hand. Taking this trip abides to the purpose and visions of the LI because its allows us to open our selves to other aspects of society in which we may not ever experience in our lives. It teaches us to implement diverse communications and to understand and respect someones background and where they came from. This educates us on how to better other communities and to build relations amongst those in the communities as well.

This trip will help me personally grow as an individual because it will open my eyes as to what these areas are really like. I will be shown opportunity to allow others to grow and for me to not only understand their area but to educate others on where I am from. I will break boundaries between stereotypes and influence others to disregard the first impression thoughts that come to mind. I want to engage in one another and get to know each other so we can grow as one. With this trip I feel I will come out a better person, not because I want a label of helping others, but because I truly want to invest myself in understanding where others come from and building relations with others I may never meet in life.