Full STEAM Ahead!!

Alternative Breaks have been an amazing way to get engaged with the issues that affect many populations around the nation and give CMU students the opportunity to educate themselves and actively go out and put in the work to create change. This program has impacted me in so many ways and I am forever grateful to be involved in this program!

This past winter break, I had the opportunity to travel to Aurora, Illinois and volunteer with Buena Vista STEAM Academy and SciTech Hands on Museum! Now I know you’re thinking what is STEAM? This stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It seems similar to STEM but the community is shifting towards using STEAM due to the critical thought process that art provides and how it can be utilized in all categories in the word STEAM.

Working with our community partners has provided me with the knowledge and passion for the science field and a want to educate those around me about the endless opportunities that could come from it. AT the STEAM academy we were able to volunteer with the students in their STEAM class and work with up-and-coming technology and  learning tools such as Osmo Pizza Kitchen, Strawbees, Cubettes, Marshmallow towers and other technology. It was amazing to see the knowledge and excitement these students had coming to this class everyday!

The SciTech museum was amazing because it provides a way for anyone and everyone regardless of age to learn about science and how it plays in the world and the environment and technology we even use today. We got to work with the museum staff and build science carts that they will use at schools and school groups coming in to the museum. That was fun to learn about the science of what we were making AND build facilitation skills practicing it in front of students as well. By the end of this trip, we learned a lot about the community and the positive impacts STEAM education can provide for others.

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Together We’ll Be Sisters True!

To a chapter that I have fallen in love with, but have become so distant to in time. The wonderful women of ΑΣΤ are by far some of the most dedicated, passionate and studious people I have ever met. I fell in love and continue to love my chapter every day, and it is because of the constant little things they do to make me feel present. These are the reasons I have fallen in love with Alpha Sigma Tau:

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Citizens of Change

There are simply no words to put together this volunteer experience and the life long friendships I have built because of Leadership Camp. This by far is the most connected I have felt to leadership and campers and I think that has to do with the people in this program as well as the model that we are practicing day by day and eventually in life as well.

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Communication is Key

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” ~James Humes

As we all know communication is important in every aspect of our lives, whether it be relationship, dancing, planning a trip or creating a group project. It is virtually everywhere. Without communication there wouldn’t be leadership because they coincide so much where leadership is a different form of communication. In our COM 461 class we’ve talked about the many different ways in which there can be effective communication and noneffective communication and that can depend on the type of leader you are.

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History 110L

As I came in this semester, I originally thought that this class was going to be a look at all the leaders in America and looking at the contributions they made on the country so far and so forth. Well the leadership aspect was right of course, but the main topic of the course was actually over immigrants, which was fascinating and empowering to learn about. I’ve learned so much information about immigration and things that I might not have wanted to know that will anger me to this day, but discovering this information was impacting and has allowed me to understand a little more about the lives of immigrants here in America. Continue reading

Medical Super Heros (aka PA Club)

Being in an RSO that goes along with your major and passion in life is the most uplifting thing. Physician Assistant club has given me many opportunities and knowledge about the field that I wouldn’t have found out about if I wasn’t in it. There has been many helpful tips and passionate people that make wanting to go into this field not just a priority, but also a privilege. Entering into my sophomore year, I was the youngest one on e-board as Event Coordinator. With this position I was responsible for planning social events and a college visit to a P.A. school in or out of state. All though I may not have been 100% super great at this position, I learned a lot about myself in doing so. Continue reading

What Team? D.I.S. Team!

Coming in this year, I was ready to make an impact not only on campus, but also within myself as a human. One way I didn’t think I would was through D.I.S. team. D.I.S. stands for Diversity, Inclusion and Service and that is what we accomplished. Of course there were quirks and kinks along the way, but the end goal of a fully revamped team was accomplished. With inclusion being one of my core values in life, I was ready to get started. As a group we thought “How can we make this a thing on campus?” and along the way of thinking, a plan was formed. One way in which we could accomplish our diversity and inclusion aspect of this lead team was to throw a tailgate, but not any ordinary tailgate. Continue reading

Did you just say Philosophy?

The first thing you think when you hear the word philosophy is probably someone really smart and very intellectual right, and how you could never think that way? Well here I am to tell you that anyone can use philosophy or be philosophical.  Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language (Wikipedia). Within this class, I didn’t just learn how to think philosophically, but also how to navigate my way through philosophical issues in this world.

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